NEW ORLEANS, LA (August 7, 2012) — Regent Industrial Products, LLC and Applied Agrotech, LLC have entered into a manufacturing and distribution agreement aimed at bringing high-performance, bio-compatible lubricants to the market.

Under the agreement, Applied Agrotech will manufacture LIFELINE, a chain and wire rope lubricant that Regent Industrial Products will then distribute in the State of Louisiana.

“Our distribution agreement with Applied Agrotech represent an important milestone in our product expansion,” said Aaron Thomas, Managing Director of Regent Industrial Products. “Interestingly many of the offshore operations take place in the ports of Louisiana and through this agreement we will be able to rapidly support our customer’s needs” he said.

LIFELINE is an economical biodegradable, all-purpose lubricant, that has excellent rust preventative qualities. Offshore drilling and production operations can greatly benefit from routine applications of LIFELINE. It is highly resistant to attack from salt spray. It penetrates and lubricates wire rope, fittings, slings, pulleys, hinges, bolts, chains and clamps. The BioBased corrosion inhibitor is ideal for all offshore operations from small bay rigs to North Sea giants; including work boats, diving vessels and service platforms requiring protection from the ravages of salt water.

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